SOXS dutch natural wool socks

How to say it? We are obsessed with SOXS!

It all started when Eduardo met the founder of SOXS, Magriet, at a festival in the Netherlands.

He fall in love with the socks, if you know him you know as a perfect Brazilian he is AL-WAYS cold even after 12 years in Denmark… So when we decided to launch our sales agency to introduce brands to the Scandinavian market it was obvious we wanted to work with the SOXS team!

The story of SOXS: warm memories to get through hard times

Margriet’s mum used to knit tons of wool socks for her and her two daughters, Davide and Socha. The girls spent their childhood running around with itchy but warm socks at their feet. After their grand-mother passed away, they kept preciously the kids socks in the attic. Few years later, when Davide left this world too early, Magriet and Soscha came upon the old stock of socks. The discovery triggered beautiful memories and bring incredible emotions to the surface: happy days, warm winter and family love…just by touching those socks. That is when Magriet decided to create SOXS. is a gesture of love. The most beautiful gift you can give.

Why you need to become a reseller!

Within a short period, developed into a hip brand with a lot of addicts. We produce warm, super soft wool socks made of ‘ecological wool’ from New Zealand sheep. Instead of the traditional wool socks, our socks are not itchy and are very elastic.

Socks with a story, a story of warmth and love. And you can feel it at the moment you remove the wrapping and gently slide the SOXS over your feet. That’s the reason that is a gesture of love. The most beautiful gift you can give.

SOXS: natural wool socks available in three different lenghts
SOXS packaging box
Cute packaging for the SOXS


This high quality wool has been developed sustainably, with respect for the animals.  The sheeps in New Zealand are very happy in the open air!


The SOXS are knitted in Lithuania, then the label is sewn in the Netherlands where they are packed and shipped to you. SOXS ensures fair wages and have normal working hours.


Soxs do not itch, even after washing (30⁰ Celsius).... approved and tested by the bear family!


The trendy socks can be worn in shoes or for a ski trip and are also great to wear around the house: we guarantee some serious hygge moments


SOXS are perfect gift ideas for men, women, couple, friends, kids, baby you name it! They make everyone happy and it is such an hygge gift!

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