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Looking for a sales agency to expand your brand in Scandinavia?

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The bear family: lifestyle sales agency to develop your brand in scandinavia

Laura Delalande & Eduardo Ebbesen

The bear family: a lifestyle sales agency to expand your brand in Scandinavia

At the bear family sales agency, we partner with selective brands. Indeed, we are looking for original brands that have a story to tell and a true savoir-faire.
The brands we love, encapsulate a real lifestyle as we know quality and design are keys to Nordic customers.

Moreover,  we put all our energy and knowledge to build long lasting relationships with our retailers to develop brands awareness.
We look for the right affinity between the brands and the selective stores. By serving the two purposes we ensure mutual successes.

In a nutshell, our brands portfolio represents our modern lifestyle from home to fashion. Our brands are passionate about creating a legacy for their products and honoring traditional methods, savoir-faire and sustainability social and environmental.

We hope you will love our brands as much as we do here at the bear family!


Looking for original brands to sell in your shop?

We are so happy to introduce you to the lovely and original brands we have chosen carefully to fit the Scandinavian market and more particularly the Danish market.

The  brands, selected by the bear family, all have this "je ne sais quoi" which create a nice  addiction 🙂

Click on the logos below to discover our original brands, their products and their story!

The lifestyle brands represented by the bear family have a lot in common:

  • Nice people behind the project
  • premium quality
  • good value for money
  • respect for the environment and animals
  • respect for the workers
  • simple relationship and total honesty
  • Fleur de Soleil and SOXS are just all of that and we believe they are perfect fit for the Danish market but also for the all Scandinavia.

    Are you interested in becoming a reseller? Do you have an original brand yourself?

    You are a retailer and you wish to sell one of our brands or you are the happy owner of a brand and you want to expand your activity to Scandinavia?

    Please contact us so we can have a chat together.


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